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Mobile Payment Apps and the Price of Convenience

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Mobile Payment Apps and the Price of Convenience


April 2, 2015


 "Payment's Just One Tap on your Mobile Away"  

First Impression:

I'm mostly not familiar with apps that involves mobile or online payment, due to the fact that I have never used them as much. However, I do know the fact about them being very convenient in today's society, but frankly, as the title would note out, a very important thing comes to mind: everything has a price to pay.



" Wallets will be a relic of the past if the forces behind mobile payment apps have their way."


Reflection Proper: 

Everything that is usually done physically is eventually replaced by something technological --- kind of like the Industrial Revolution, where machines replace man and it created a whole new plethora of chaos ranging from increase in unemployment and what not. In this case, mobile payment apps are basically processes that replaces the old-fashioned paying with cash from one's wallet or using credit cards or checks. It may seem convenient, but in my defense and also in the article itself, it's not necessary: I mean, it's not really hassling if one pulls out a credit card or cash while waiting in line in a store of some kind, even if the smartphone or any other mobile device already has so many features that helps many aspects of everyday life. But personally, let's also look at the cons of these sort of things: for one, there are still the dangers that always goes around online such as personal information being taken and hacked, or not to mention privacy information and everyday tracking software or something similar. Also, a smartphone or any other device eventually can break or run out of battery and it would take a long time to either repair or charge it up to full power. My advice regarding this sort of thing would be this:it''s best to keep a balance between new and old every time, because there will be times where tech will be needed and times where it couldn't be so it's best to use online apps but only with care and possibly use cash and credit cards every now and then, and also in terms of ethical issues, best to know everything about what you are doing first before executing it.


5 Things Learned From Article: 


  1. I learned about wallets and cash and checks may become obsolete in a matter of time thanks to mobile payment apps.

  2. I learned about  the importance of balance between old and new, i.e. paying things with a smartphone may be convenient, but not necessary, for it's not really a hassle just to pull out a credit card or use cash while waiting in line in a store or something similar.

  3. I learned that there are still many ethical issues many industries involving mobile payment apps need to resolve (like those related to accessibility and privacy) before consumer eventually accept the concept completely

  4. I learned that even if things like mobile payment apps may seems safer than doing the thing that replaces it, like using credit cards and cash, ethical issues remain.

  5. I learned that it's best to keep old-fashioned things now and then, since smartphones that can practically do everything for us can eventually break or run out of battery at times when you need it.


5 Integrative Questions:


  1. What's your opinion on technology making certain objects or systems obsolete?

  2. Do you ever think about using mobile payment apps?

  3. How do you feel about people using apps all the time even if it's not necessary to use it?

  4. What's your preferred use of payment -- credit card, cash, or online payment?

  5. How do you tend to take care of the fact involving ethical issues remain even if technology such as mobile payment apps may seems safer than using, say, credit cards or cash?


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