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Trolls in the Comment Sections

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Trolls in the Comment Sections


Paulina Haselhorst

October 18, 2012


 "What Lurks Under the Comment-Filled Bridge"  

First Impression:

Internet trolls are like washed-up actors --- nothing to do in their lives but just keep on swearing and criticize on pretty much everything. I don't know if they are looking for a fight to come at their doorstep, or just looking for instant popularity and fame via humiliating others like a common bully or queen bee.



"Some days, I think it is best to simply roll my eyes and ignore the attention-seeking trolls who write these comments."


Reflection Proper: 

Trolls, or rather people who post comments that either is contradictory to common knowledge or insulting to others, are naturally the worst people I always encounter online in my entire life. Trolls attack practically everything in life -- subjects that involve race, religion, ideology, politics, science, and other topics that are worth conversing about, and they are practically found everywhere, especially in websites with comment sections. Trolling itself is a catalyst that can create a catastrophe or a cluster of catastrophes that can lead to another, like forcing a famous business that contributes significant products to us like a smartphone company like Samsung to be shut down immediately or causing a lot of people to do something completely insane like committing suicide or worse, massive destruction and what not. So, my response when it comes to the issue of trolling would be this: free speech is one thing, but doing it in such a unethical way that causes destruction of lives or making thing worse because of a few hateful words --- that's crossing a line right there. Hopefully all of mankind knows what they are doing with this issue, because such a thing should be receiving its just desserts, and for publishers out there: try your best to cover up and delete hurtful words so that there will be no harm done, and for the trolls out there, here's my message to you: know that your words have consequences, and you will be the ones bearing the weight for all the sins, tragedies, and catastrophes that have been caused by your words alone.


5 Things Learned From Article: 


  1. I learned about the definition of trolling and its impacts of society.

  2. I learned about the different effects of what trolling can do.

  3. I learned that there are limits and rules to follow in doing speech even if it's free speech.

  4. I learned that publishers should also take control of methods involving how to stop trolling.

  5. I learned that we should take action in stopping this trolling nonsense and do our best to stop ourselves and each other from creating such things.


5 Integrative Questions:


  1. What's your opinion on trolling?

  2. Do you know how to do comments correctly and not in a rude manner?

  3. How do you feel about trolling's effects to society?

  4. What do you think about the thought of people not even knowing that such hurtful words can create such great harmful effect?

  5. How does one such as you tend to take action on the trolling issue?



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