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Is Ethical Smartphone an oxymoron

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Is “ethical smartphone” an oxymoron?


Holly Richmond

March 28, 2016



"Ethics and Smartphones for 'Morons'"

First Impression:

I agree with the title --- "ethical smartphone" does sound like an oxymoron, especially with the following facts about it: the ways people use them nowadays, the creation process, the e-waste, and every piece of information that can prove how crazy it is and agreeable that there's no such as an "ethical smartphone" and it's technically an oxymoron in its own category.


"There’s no getting around the hard truth: right now, there is no such thing as an ‘ethical smartphone."


Reflection Proper:

As far as my knowledge around technology goes, a smartphone itself is really unethical in a way, before and after its creation. Smartphone parts are basically made from minerals and metals, and mining for them is a hazardous jobs, and even creating the smartphone itself involves workers who endure a lot of human rights violations; during its use, well, you already know what happens: depending on the user, the smartphone itself could create a whole new mess of things for better or worse, e.g. people posting left and right about something humiliating or using swear words or racism and all that jazz; and after its use, as in when smartphones get tossed, they end up in landfills, where it ends up getting mixed with water somewhat, and not even realizing that its metallic and chemical components like lead and mercury or battery acid can get mixed into soil and water. But the idea of creating an "ethical smartphone"? The idea is somewhat unbelievable, and ludicrous. I mean, honestly, Fairphone had quite the idea of creating a smartphone with "fair labor practices, environmentally conscious material sourcing, and conflict-free minerals", but if you see the bigger picture involving smartphones like its numerous societal issues involved, you will start thinking twice about the term "ethical smartphone: Sure, I support Fairphone's creation, but in my personal opinion, a smartphone is ethical only if you use it ethically. Also, I think there are better alternatives and solutions when it comes to the creation of smartphone components --- it's only a matter of time and figuring out wisely. So, based from this whole thing, a true "ethical smartphone" is possible only if its creation and use is truly up to standards and it involves good practices in life.


5 Things Learned From Article: 


  1. I learned that smartphone creation is unethical due to its disastrous environmental impacts.

  2. I learned that a Dutch startup company named Fairphone has made an idea for the first "ethical smartphone".

  3. I learned that there's numerous issues involving smartphone creation, like the ones involving mining, workers' rights, repair and disposal.

  4. I learned that rare earth metals isn't exactly renewable, and thus alternative solutions to this one must be found out, as well as creating smartphones out of recyclable and ethical components.

  5. I learned that a smartphone's ethical depending on its creation and use.


5 Integrative Questions:


  1. Do you agree that "ethical smartphone" is an oxymoron?

  2. What's your reaction on smartphone creation and its environmental impact?

  3. How do you treat your electronic devices when it comes to disposal?

  4. How do you tend to solve the unethical issues involving smartphone creation?

  5. What's your take on Fairphone's idea of an "ethical smartphone"?


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